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Seven success factors for the user experience

There are many factors to consider when designing or assessing the usability of your website. In this article we highlight 7 key concepts to take into account to make your web product more effective.

Improve the usability, testing it with real users

UX testing is a crucial step in the design process, but is often overlooked for tight budgets or deadlines. You don't need a formal lab to do quality research, just the right tools and a clear plan.

Reading Minds: The Psychology Behind UX Design

At first glance, it may seem surprising, but psychology and user experience are much more related than it may seem at first. Knowing how to influence these emotions is key to leaving the user with a positive feeling of their interaction with the product or service.

Increasing conversions through the optimization of user experience

Conversion rate optimization is a practice of continuous improvement of the website’s or landing page’s UX aiming to convert users into customers. The exceptional user experience design can improve your website's conversion rate by up to 400%.

Emotional design: the best method to enhance the UX

The following article shows how to put on the glasses of your customers, understand their emotional worlds, and use these findings to build better and more successful online projects.

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